IMPORTANT: the Z4M Coupe was subject of an Ebay auction on March 2015, and subsequently sold on early April 2015.
This website is kept online strictly for historical reasons.

I am positive that this Z4M Coupe does not have any issue, from the mechanical and electronics points of view.
Engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, steering, exhaust, emissions, air conditioning, interior: they all are in very good condition.

I never had an accident, nor have I repainted any body part.

However, the car is not perfect.
The paintwork is starting to show its age, and also has a few defects, such as stains from bird droppings, dents, and scratches.
The most important of these defects can be observed in the pictures below. The ones on the trunk lid and driver's door edge were already there when I bought the car. Those on the lower lip of the front bumper are a joined effort of both me and the previous owner.
Also, the front rims have some curb dents and scratches.