IMPORTANT: the Z4M Coupe was subject of an Ebay auction on March 2015, and subsequently sold on early April 2015.
This website is kept online strictly for historical reasons.

The table below resumes the most important maintenance and service operations performed on this Z4M Coupe, until now.
Although only the inspections and oil services performed by the first owner are documented, there is solid evidence that he also did other maintenance work, that I don't have direct information on. For example, the DOT and condition of the rear Continental tires clearly show that they were replaced sometime in 2010.

On the other hand, I kept a strict log of all the maintenance and service I performed. That's why you will see so few entries before 2011, and so many after that.

Mileage Description Comment
2006-11-30 2,037 Km Inspection after 2,000 Km (run-in period) Performed by Rivoltella BMW dealer in Italy.
2007-09-24 18,323 Km Inspection I, microfilter Performed by Rivoltella BMW dealer in Italy.
2008-12-08 33,188 Km Engine oil service Performed by Rivoltella BMW dealer in Italy.
2011-03-19 45,350 Km Extensive maintenance after purchase Replaced: engine oil + filter, air filter, gearbox oil (BMW MTF-LT-2), differential oil (BMW SAF-XJ + FM Booster), brake fluid, spark plugs (NGK DCPR8EKP), valve lash check & adjustment. Performed by me.
2011-04-06 45,670 Km VANOS bolts preventive replacement Known glitch of BMW S54 engine. The VANOS bolts were replaced with the newer version with Torx head, and secured with Loctite. The camshaft timing was set by the BMW dealer in Bucharest, Romania.
2011-05-04 47,260 Km New front tires 2 pcs. Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 225/45ZR18 95Y DOT 47/10
2011-07-30 50,910 Km New front wheel bearings 2 pcs, BMW p/n 31222229501. Performed by me
2012-03-24 53,620 Km Engine oil service, valve lash service, VANOS filter. Engine oil + filter, valve lash check & adjustment, replaced VANOS filter + O-rings. Performed by me.
2012-04-21 55,220 Km Lower control arms and CABs Replaced both front lower control arms and control arm bushings (Lemforder). Performed by me.
2012-04-21 55,220 Km Brake fluid service Replaced brake fluid. Performed by me.
2012-05-03 56,100 Km Wheels geometry alignment Performed at BMW dealer in Bucharest, Romania.
2012-05-26 57,867 Km Rear brake pads Replaced rear wheel brake pads, ATE 13.0460-7079.2. Performed by me
2012-07-28 59,996 Km Engine coolant and new throttle actuator TPS Replaced engine coolant, BMW p/n 83192211191. Replaced throttle position switch (TPS) on throttle actuator. Performed by me.
2012-08-18 61,400 Km Engine oil service Engine oil + filter. Performed by me.
2013-04-06 63,458 Km Valve lash service Valve lash check & adjustment. Performed by me.
2013-04-13 63,458 Km Bilstein PSS10 suspension kit Installed a Bilstein PSS10 adjustable suspension kit (shock absorbers + springs) for BMW Z4M. New front and rear strut mounts. Performed by me. The original BMW suspension kit is stored in the garage.
2013-05-07 64,789 Km Full software update Full software update performed by BMW dealer in Bucharest, Romania.
2013-05-12 65,026 Km New throttle bodies TPS Replaced throttle position switch on throttle bodies (there are 2 TPSes on the S54 engine).
2013-06-01 66,427 Km Extensive maintenance Replaced: engine oil + filter, air filter, gearbox oil, brake fluid, microfilter. Performed by me.
2013-07-13 68,883 Km Front brake rotors and engine mounts Replaced front brake rotors. Replaced engine mounts with Vibra Technics BMW 360, a popular upgrade. Original BMW engine mounts stored in the garage.
2014-04-19 73,928 Km Engine oil service Replaced: engine oil + filter. Performed by me.
2014-05-10 74,590 Km Vorshlag RTAB limiters The rear trailing arm bushing limiters are a popular upgrade. Installed by me.

Note: for extra information on the evolution of the mileage of this car, please check my fueling log on spritmonitor.de. It covers in detail the period from July 2012 to this moment, and you can get a pretty good idea about when and how much was this Z4M driven.