IMPORTANT: the Z4M Coupe was subject of an Ebay auction on March 2015, and subsequently sold on early April 2015.
This website is kept online strictly for historical reasons.

Until now, this Z4M Coupe had 2 owners.

First owner
The first owner was an Italian born in 1973. He lived and owned a company in Milano area. Therefore this car's first registration was in Italy, on Oct. 20, 2006. I still have copies of the documents proving the Italian registration history of this Z4M Coupe.

Second owner
I am the second owner of the car. I purchased it directly from the first owner on Nov. 2010. The car was registered in Romania on Dec. 27, 2010, and the registration number is B-343-RWD.
I am also born in 1973 (by coincidence, the same year the first owner was born). I graduated computer science and I work with an electronic equipment company in Bucharest, Romania.
As the son of a car mechanic, I learned to fix cars from a very early age. Later in my adolescence this became my hobby. I care a lot about my cars, and I like to follow an "old-school" maintenance schedule. For that reason, for example, you will see unusual short intervals for fluid changes, or valve lash checks, in the maintenance log of this Z4M. At home I have a garage equipped with a full set of tools, including some BMW special tools, required to perform almost any mechanical or electrical work on the car - except for body or paint work.
I have to sell the Z4M because my family recently expanded by 50%: in 2014 we had our first child. Obviously, we don't fit in a 2-seat M Coupe anymore.
In 2011 I drove it for 8,300 Km in total, then 9,800 Km in 2012, and 10,400 in 2013. But in 2014 I only managed about 2,400 Km - most of them in the first half of the year, before my wife's advanced pregnancy and child birth.
So, sadly, I must replace the Z4M with a car having a rear seat and 4 doors.